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from Pune
3 days ago

Hi Friends,


I just joined IB, and no idea what tags I should use and how? Like for Indian Recipes how to tag, Indianrecipes or indian-recipes or indian_recipes?


Kindly help.



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Hi Bhawna,


Tags are similar like Keywords, whenever you going to submit your post in Indivine put some Keywords or Tags related to your Article topic. Well, it is not necessary but it will be helpful for those who look for special topics using search phrases.


Example Post:



Peas ParathaRecipe, Matar Ka Paratha, How to Make Peas Paratha, Making Matar Paratha, Vegetarian Paratha Making, Stuffed Peas Paratha


from Pune
1 day ago

Ravi all words are considered as tags. What I mean to say I can not write "peas paratha" as one keyword,it comes as two keyword. I need to write "peasparatha" to make one keyword. This is where I am confused.

from Mumbai
1 day ago

I generally go about this in this way >> if I were in the readers place - how would I go about searching for my own post?

Personally, if the need so be, I avoid using hyphens or underscores in tags and prefer using two joint words without any space.

Hope this helps! Smile



Arvind Passey
from Delhi
23 hours ago

I try to do the same... and I do add more later if I am able to think of any.

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