What is the easiest Indian food to make?

Manoj Pandey
Manoj Pandey
from New Delhi
5 months ago

Food bloggers, can you tell which is/ are the easiest Indian food to make? The recipe should not be a ready-to-serve packet that needs to be put in hot water, but must be made with raw ingredients (so, sattu will not  qualify). The dish should serve as a quick breakfast or a full meal. Sauces, pasta, noodles and bread can be used. I give some suggestions:

1. Khichri: Put rice, lentils, a bit of salt and spices, one spoon of ghee, some water. You can add cut veggies, but that would make it less easy to prepare. Put in the cooker and it is ready in ten minutes. 

2. Boiled eggs with bread: Keep the eggs to boil in water. Eat with bread slices and a bit of salt.

3. Scrambled eggs with slices: Put a spoon of oil on a pan, break one or two eggs on it. Put a pinch of salt and stir the mix till the egg pieces are yellow-brown. Remove it and rub the slices on the pan to lightly fry them. You can put chopped onions and green chillies but that makes the dish less easy to make.




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