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It is not possible to get married without having to marry, before the divorce is to have a marriage. To complete the long-distance run of the divorce-divorce process, it is very important to have this reluctant, dependent and divinely placed position on the head. Yes, minor. Divorce is minor and marriage is the main. This long-distance-run early and bright milestone must be married. Run from one milestone to one milestone, run, run, run, run from one milestone to another. How to run, if not from the past, know where a milestone, whose gravity is?And just like a long-distance race, the main issue here is rhythm, rhythm. Look at any train in the race, the most emphasis is on this place. Find Ridam, Rhythm - You can not finish running faster than Ridam, by pulling from the track, pressing on another's feet. And, if you stop at the low rate of Ridam, you can not use your full capability, you do not develop your whole talent. Or, the full beauty and possibility of this long-distance-run race did not develop. Marriage means a process of love behind it, and love is so in which the fertile possibilities of life and civilization have become worthless.Kia and Tridib were a little different in this place compared to many other non-favored fellow-believers, both of whom seemed to be very active in the process of creating a conscious-constructed rebuild. So, at the time when the time is approaching the bamboo and banner stalls in the face of the turning of the hat and clutching batch from the volunteers, take the ice pack packet, when the time comes, it can be understood automatically, understand the time, understand, a Noble in Kea-Tridib Resolve, the great mindset was born - they will now solve themselves, no external ice, but they themselves will grow within themselves. Ndatake. It is the story of the travel and travel stories of the tourists.Even then they did not know, it was not possible to know, what this narrative will give birth to, how will it change their life and post-history history?A very different kind of divergent, different kind of thing happened on the floor beneath, his first hint was to trim the ticket, to cut the ticket. An absurd surprise It was learned that the price of Rajasthan ticket has increased from four hundred and fifty ninety rupees to one thousand five hundred and forty thousand rupees. The second thing is that the tickets are for the annoying surprise at the ticket counters: why, the ticket to go, the return ticket has reduced, the total amount is thirty-two, the ticket has no price, that's just the reservation charge, everyone wants to go, no one wants to return. From Rajasthan, these surprises were very weird, diverse. But the feeling of grief started very much later, from getting on the train. The romantic effect of bridal remodeling, so the proximity, sex - even once, it seemed that if it was good to go to the place of Rajasthan, it would have been good to hear that the tourism was also given by Hanimun Convention - so they were looking for synergistic Hamsafar. Other more sweet, mail-clad, close, knife-stricken pair. Everyone was looking at the scales. At the same time, it was noticed that the family man across the whole room was less than impossible. Every person in front of the eye is single, silent, driven, avoiding the crowd. Someone is not talking to anyone, looking bored. And almost all of them are male. And, the most horrific thing is that many of them do not have two finger fingers, everyone's hands cannot be seen. Tridib became a little nervous. Robbery will not be anything? Argued himself, if everybody is a robber, who will rob? Kaya did not say, and, if the ferry is soil.The head was working, the project should be ticked, and not returning to the same condition. Time, money and hard work - the cost is not low, it is not worthless. There will be a lot more on the train - it also came a little bit closer to each other. There is a jingle of jokes in the back of the window, sometimes a half-sudden light, a never-ending, unheard-of-night sleeping dog near the lonely bench of a sleeping station, and a level-crushing loom of a tea shop, Three people Hair is flying through the air through the air, the comfort of the face is spreading in the body. Tridib thought twice, what would be incompatible here, asking someone to come to him, no, no-talking. Do not need to be made very kind of? Then, as it is, a deeper spontaneity has erupted the question of the human or the question of no, the emotions fluttered on the head of the emotion, the foam, the bubble, the wings of the wings, the birds of the water fluttering, Trishiv said to the right of undue rights, what is going on, come here. Kyao, this time the speed of the person takes the man out of his own, said, why not shove? And, quite a bit, came to the fore. Kya, Tridib could clearly explain the inclination of the inside of the carriage, going to the stop, what would be accepted here more, sitting on the shoulder of Tridid, or sitting in his lap - will not it be a little over?Then, just a little over the clock, just the night sky, the carriage on the tray of the trunk, the flight of the airplane, sometimes the dark blue sleeve of the room, sometimes the light of a lamppost in the outer darkness - remembering the weakness of Trident, can take care of yourself properly, He also gave a silver sheet from his bed and did not take anything; Enera windows stations play of light - just by leaving kamalalata away, away, witnessed namarikta wrong address

There is a limit to having a symmetrical activity with a feeling, in some case it can not be made indefinitely, at one point the process will burst. So the solution is to make that feeling. Why is there literature, unless it can be saved as a character for some time? That is exactly what Tridib makes in life the inner light of the emotional feeling. There is also an upset dilemma here, Kamalalata has to be lost, and Kya has her lap, surrounded by the safety of her two lovers. Tragedy touches the eyes of indignation comfortably The time was now bent, the horoscopes, the awkwardness of the concussion surrounded the humanitarian. Tridib comes to the middle of the bedroom, even in the sleepless nights, when he gets his own sleeping hand from the back of his head, he is going back to the next moment, keeping the key safe. Sleep is easy to find, and you feel secure.Not all fun of conscious active relationships end here. Many more sports are grown and awake now, surrounded by two militant people. Tridib knows that he has an affinity to his own selfishness, care. Carrier small nervous breath trying to guess from moving the finger, what is the accumulation? What could be, tridi way Kaya was not too much literature. Another that is rich in bodybuilding signs - some Mills-And-Boon, two Alberto Moravia, a little bit of Mario PuZo. Train-boyfriend-coach-train - Tridib to find Is not literary, any movie? The game continues in the tragedy deep. Tridib knows, Kyao is looking the same way. However, Kya knows, Tridib does not think much about the film, and he's definitely looking for the film. Triadib got a joke to cheat The boy kept surrounded by the boy, the train jammazham continued.The last night, the light is rising, the train rushes into the destination. Ardhumuum eyes open the diagonal triangle, tridi, black letters on yellow, Hindi and written in English, Rajasthan. Know, but what a stranger, what's wrong, and discomfort is triangle Then he remembered that he was accustomed to reading English and Bangla - now he is out of Bengal.Tridib knew that this is terminus, the end of all the paths, so there is no chase, no one will come up slowly, in the garbage collection, there will not be a big thing in it. But the third world, unemployed, what is the exit of the outside? Star zodiac man, people want to be coolies, their quarrel, fights, shouting Their caste, some of them are public, some are private but united, and some others are absolutely gifted, no one is there to them. They are mostly boys and boys. A young boy's face Still struggled to fight a lot, it would be fifteen to fifteen. Seeing his face, Maya collapses, Tridib falls. Tridib does not give any money to anyone. Wait Closer to the end is empty. The boy came forward to him, did the boy understand what he was waiting for? I think it might sound like tridib Say, Tera Ko Cooli Maanta Sub?Tridib got it wrong but his own discomfort. Bengali is not Hindi, but there is no station in Rajasthan itself. That's the name of a state. So is this Rajasthan a land built? And, the language that the boy said, is that Hindi? No person speaks that language outside the Mumbai movie, where are you?The entry of the hotel was started from a very fast speed before the project's work. An AC fitted deluxe autoy mounted on the way to the hotel and started it all together Tridiab, and Kya started responding, which they never did after reaching the teenager. And, every little action was awakening to the spontaneity of their deep secrets: People learned to do without the slogan. Jago, wake up to Bangali, break your Inhishi, you are now out of Bengal, maybe a filmi world.Bengali really awake Kia and Tridib do not wake up in a different way. It does not matter. Not only did the different aspects of creative positions vary in the same way, it seems that the same malefic is considered to be coherent, not the deep cultural class and the feeling shadow it. Both of them became a little more sensitive to the two, maybe it's under pressure. And each of these actions was ticking today. Kya went to the bathroom and entered the bathroom, and Tridib then changed the bed sheets from the suitcase, as long as the carpet, the hotel's sheets, the care would be liked, and more like that Tridib thinks it is. Again, it was not wrong to say that the bathroom door was a little clearer and the cigarette in Tridib has no bag. This saying of care has changed the whole perspective so much, Tridib thinks it is probably someone else, another marriage.Sometimes wearing fiber-suitcases, care and dressing-table mirrors in Calcutta's Qayyat las lol strikes in tricolor with a shade in the coat. Sometimes the name of the Titas-a-river-name was created in the light of the little black Soni Abbasuddin, with the beauty of the triangle writer Tiger's dream, even the song of Lilabali was not taken off. Never forget about all the dramatic excitement, the one-way quiqi or little coitus associated with the normal living of breathing, the forgotten dinner kept in a little table, made Biren Chattopadhyay even the smell of astonishing rice in the night sky. Bengali is not only culture but revolutionary society will shade it there. Keya and Tridib are going through an overall project accomplishment combining all the money and money.Naturally, after this, after so much coitus, L. Madi's abdominal exhaustion withdrawal. Thinking later, it seemed like there was a table in Trident, a deep secret of land time and reality about Google TranslateCommunityMobileAbout Google


There is a moon night in the night, beyond the ancient times of the ancient times, there are also the moon. That's exactly what happens in the film, the script that is wanted. Shrimp sand shakes the earth's navel. Sand in the sand. Triadib's parents died far away. He had very high fever. Lonely loneliness, in the bed of loneliness, the head of the cornea, on the side of the feet, only temporary leaves of cornea, as they speak, how many expressions play, on the green leaf, the whole day, the changing light, the artillery, the horse will rise, the leafy leaves, the bed, lying on the beds of the tragedy The sand rolls in the sand, the head covers, the sand, the offrun, the ablaze, the remaining sand, the sand, so everything becomes a day, today or tomorrow, one day, two days , Four, sand growing in the desert, the road to sandalwood increases in the endless path, the path of the horse rises, the history of bloodshed, the history of Arya blood, all the blood will be sand, all the bodies, all the Maya, come to see the landscape, the desert, the whole picture postcard No, say what? Bikanir north from Lothal to the south - this is the whole non-resistance display across the desert of Rajasthan - key thrilling?The southern part of the southern part of the road, the long-skirt, the maroon-yellow bandage, the mirrors that were painted in the arts of Charu, a moon came in mysterious night, surrounded by magic. Chandrayaan wind blows in the moonlight, sand blasting, laying down from the level, sand blasting out, NAT-Geo scorpion, anemal planets, may also be hunted behind the prey, the discovery of the discharge of the spiral line in the body of Jurora sand body.That's all at night. The train's teenage coolie, sitting in the sand. It may have been better, they have to be with them, out of the hotel. It shows Tridov, stretching the ten fingers of the hand, and the world over. Tridib raised his head, pulling his shoulder to the shoulder, the knock-on sub, the wind did not come, the wind crossed. The teenager's youthful face looked at the face of Tridib Kuchi bhutapatara expression - The tension of the dangers, the fear of the unknown, the boy's smile in the tragedy of the outsider. Seeing his smile, his stupid looks like it is now triangle Will you go there? Tu kya pagal hai sab? The teenager shows the wheels of being a matchholder, but the thrill is in his mouth.To save eyebrows from the sand brought by Chandrahaat Tridib Us-Par-Ki-Hawara in the Ananya Chandra, in the Anant Chandrama, and on the other hand, one Ashwatthama, this world is scorpio and desert, what is the ability to break their grammar, it must walk in the chest, only after being reptile Will be The boy is with her, a little behind. He had said a little earlier, that he returned to the gold from the cross-eyed and crossed the horizon, having the gold of his own left should be equal in size. And he goes back to the horizon of the crosses, if he leaves everything, even his partner. That companion remained gold then that might. Ashvatthama, who was walking on the chest after childbirth, accompanied Tridib with the ball inches inches inches in the direction of land time. Not being crazy can not be there. The horizons of that parallel do not match. What will be with her son? The fingerless people are filled with Rajasthan. Her, Trishib want hishish The other hand He will leave that inscription in his writing. His writings will pass away from land and time.Sleep was coming, some work, some train in the morning, a meeting with the Labor Commissioner, some of his notes and the rest are still there. Looking at the sky in the sky, the sky sky and the light of the moon, and looking at the gray horizon, one day tried to understand, how far did they reach? It feels a bit annoying, but there is a tranquility in the care now. Their projects are successful, yet another milestone is still far-off. But no more, it's going to be a night of night, let's walk towards the hotel.The next morning, in the eyes of a little missy, actually returning from Nishi-dak, Tridib sits on the train. Cigarette burns fingers in hand There is no human being to be in trouble due to smoke. The whole carpeted room No one really comes back from the country of gold power in Rajasthan. Kaya sleeping in the bottom box. A little tired Tomorrow has worked for many nights. The same thought that Kya thought of coming back from the sand on the night of night, Tredib is also working on the head. Projects to keep their long-distance running in front of just one milestone wedding are a complete success in a sense. Now it is his job to return to Kollasa. Writing narrations about land and contemplation. There is nothing left for marriage or divorce. Rather, divorces mean something new. Work break Now she has only one job. Tridi will write a novel by dedicating this teen, leaving behind all mysteries. He will die, the novel will be lagging behind.


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