What is IndiOne?

Anant Chetan
Anant Chetan
from Villingen
3 years ago

Hi Guys,

I recently joined indiblogger and wanted to know what IndiOne is. 



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Abhishek Kalra
Abhishek Kalra
from Mohali
2 years ago

IndiOne was supposed to be an addon to the IndiBlogger platform wherein bloggers could sign up for sponsored posts. What I believe is that it couldn't really take off as was expected, hence, a number of bloggers and their blogs were approved into IndiOne initially, and after that, since there weren't as many brands interested much in the idea as Indi must have expected, IB was not really able to expand the scope of IndiOne to include more members. Again, just to clear some air about IndiOne, there are not too many opportunities as I think the hype around IndiOne that makes people not approved into the program believe. I can say this because I have a blog approved in IndiOne, so, I can see what opportunities are there. As for the previous part, about approvals not coming through, that was just a guess.  It's not the final word or clarification or an explanation from IndiAdmins or the IndiTeam, and shouldn't be treated like that.

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