Indiblogger earnings

How one can earn from indiblogger ?

For a beginner understanding the blog slightly goes difficult.?



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from Pune
3 years ago

There are following ways to earn from Indiblogger

  1. Share your posts regularly on Indivine. This will motivate to keep writing and updating your blog.- Earnning # 1
  2. Participate in the weekly Indispire writing Prompt. This will help you think out of your comfort zone, and surprise yourself with what you can write - Earning # 2
  3. There are many creative writers here. Find them, and check out their blogs. Build a two way communication. You'll become part of this writing community - Earning # 3. 

I feel these are valuable (and easily) earnings here which are not so easy to come by elswhere. 

Welcome to the Indiblogger.

And yes, You're welcome. :)

Vishal Gouda
from Mumbai
3 years ago

Thanks alot Nitin bro for explaination Smile and also thanks to abhijit to ask this question Smile

this is one of the best site.

Keep blogging,

IndiPolice: Do not add links to your blog on replies or anywhere on the forum. It is categorized as Shameless Self Promotion or SSP.

Thanks nitin 


God bless you guys 

Thanks for sharing this link.

Arvind Passey
Arvind Passey
from Delhi
3 years ago

You can certainly earn respect here if you write well. And if you win contests, there is a bit of money too.

Let me know which contest will fit for me.

Arvind Passey
from Delhi
3 years ago

Keep visiting the IB homepage and you'll know each time one is announced. 

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