Accelerating Web Development Using Azure App Services

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This blog post highlights the key benefits of using Azure managed services to accelerate cross-platform app development processes.



Platform as a Service (PaaS) has become an increasingly popular medium for web development with significant advancements over recent years. The benefit of using these platforms is that you get access to integrated cloud services to organize and safeguard enterprise data. In addition, most PaaS platforms support high-level languages like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and .NET. Since most developers are well-versed with these languages, they can easily learn PaaS techniques to accelerate their development efforts.   


Azure App Service is a PaaS platform introduced by Microsoft to strengthen its cloud-based web services architecture. It provides a fully managed platform to developers for building, deploying, and scaling cross-platform web and mobile applications. Azure PaaS provides requisite tools and integrated cloud services to build robust and scalable web/mobile applications, APIs, and Logic apps. 


Azure Service FabricAzure service fabric is a distributed application platform that enables developers to build and deploy microservices-based enterprise applications. It simplifies the deployment of packages and containers to build and manage enterprise-grade and cloud-based applications running in containers. The service fabric enables organizations to overcome complex enterprise challenges that generally arise while developing and managing cloud-based native and hybrid applications. Below is a simple representation of Azure Service Fabric.


The above architecture diagram represents the capabilities of Azure App Service in conjunction with a series of virtual machines. While the legacy systems require connecting to a web server, the Azure Service Fabric employs virtual machines to provide web server functionality. It eliminates the requirement for acquiring and managing a web server.    


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Building Web Apps and APIsAzure enables developers to code in supported languages like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and .NET and deploy these codes in containers. The fully managed Azure platform provides intuitive tools and integrated services for web app development, management, and monitoring. Developers can avail prebuilt apps from the Azure marketplace and customize them as per their project requirements. They also gain access to advanced tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code IDEs for seamless integration and live-site debugging.     


IT Infrastructure ManagementAzure provides organizations complete control over their IT infrastructure as they can easily run and scale web applications on Windows or Linux-based interfaces. In addition, they get reliable tools for infrastructure maintenance and load balancing with zero downtime and minimal disruptions.  


Azure makes it easy to meet the compliance requirements by enabling developers to add custom domains, SSL certificates, and single sign-on (SSO) features to web applications. Developers can timely detect bugs and software issues by routinely monitoring application health insights for better performance optimization and troubleshooting. 


Seamless App Hosting ServicesMicrosoft Azure provides an enterprise-grade platform to build and host web applications in your preferred programming language without any infrastructure complexities. With Azure, you don’t need to run and manage a web server which significantly reduces costs and accelerates the deployment cycle. Besides, developers use Azure Active Directory to add and manage 1000+ apps.


Azure hosting services enable developers to connect a web or mobile application to an enterprise system and deploy it in a public/private cloud, virtual network or on-premise system.  


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Accelerated App DevelopmentAzure app platform accelerates web development by providing automated provisioning and deployment services. Web applications developed using Azure App Service are easy to manage, scale, and deploy. In addition, Azure provides auto-scaling and traffic management capabilities for effective performance optimization without any data loss or downtime.


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