How To Improve Your English ? [ 12 Practical Ideas That Actually Work ]

Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma
from Ludhiana
3 years ago

Friends, learning to speak English in our country is a very big business. Especially in small cities, it has some more craze.You will be able to find places related to English Speaking, "Learn to Speak English in 90 Hours,", "Join XYZ School of Language for the Sprawling English" etc.

But are these schools so effective? Probably not! Because they already set the wrong expectation! It is very difficult to speak a language easily with just 90 hours of learning. Yes, it may be that by going there a few days you get a little more fluent than before, but few people can credit the ability to speak their English to such a school.  If you are already well If you speak English and then go to such a place then it can be beneficial for you. 
  • Why to learn English? Is it Important?
English is a language just like other languages. Language is important to communicate with people. Due to Globalisation, and advancement in technology, the world is getting smaller and smaller. We can connect with people all around the world with a small device.  English is a Global Language. To communicate around the world English is important. Of course, if you don't know English there are many solutions to this. Also, to make a good career you must know English. All the Multinational companies are searching for candidates who can connect with people around the world.
  • How long does it take to speak English fluently?
Learning any language has not any particular time period. It is not something like what we study in our schools' colleges for a particular time period. It is a  process. time to learn English, it depends on various facts. If you know the way to learn English, it may take less time, if you are a complete beginner, it will take more time. Learning depends on what actions you are taking for this, how consistent are you. if you practice in your first week with a lot of courage and in next week your courage goes down, it will not worth learning. Learning English depends on how disciplined you are towards this.  generally, it takes six months of your hard work to become fluent in it.
  • How can Speaking English Improve Your life?
What is the important thing to change someone's life? what is important to bring a revolutionary change in society?   Knowledge, you may be thinking why I am asking these questions. Well, the best source of knowledge forever is books.  And the best books in the world are in the English language. again there is a solution, you can translate them into your language also.  But additionally, all international exams, meetings, talks, interviews, businesses, and other things are in English.  So why are you waiting for? let's dive into the process of learning English. So, first of all, I share some myths related to speaking English with you
  • To speak English, grammar should come well
This is a very big myth, do you think that when you learned to speak Hindi, did you know about nouns, pronouns, etc.?Did not know, because he did not need it, he just learned by looking at the others. In the same way, Grammar's knowledge is not necessary for speaking English.Due to good education from the English Medium school, I speak good English, but if you take a test of my tenses then it will be difficult for me to have it.
  • It can be learned to speak English in a few days
Wrong! It takes time to learn any language other than your language. How long will it take to different people this person will differ.But I believe that if someone knows English a little earlier and if he can do his work, he can learn to speak good English in 6 months? And if you are learning then do not learn to work, learn good English.
  • Only those who study in English Medium can speak good English
This is also wrong. If I talk about my home, my elder brother has studied Hindi Medium, but today he works as a Senior Consultant and writes very good English and speaks. If you did not get such schooling where you could learn to speak English, do not feel sorry for it, whatever happened before is past, present is in your hand, what you have not learned before, can learn now, in fact as an adult Each of us is responsible for every achievement or failure.
  • To speak English, it is important to have a good vocabulary
No, the vocabulary is not important as for beginners, but usually, the common words were spoken in the movement, you already know or you will know them by a little hard work.  The words we know just need to place them in the right place. I have often seen people crying from one to one hard words, but doing so puts your energy in a place where it is not necessary to apply at this time. english speaking, How to learn english fluently and confidently, english speaking tips, learn english speaking If you believe any myth given above, then get rid of them now, and follow the suggestions given below to learn Spoken English.

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