Highest Earning Bloggers in The World 2020

Akash Bhardwaj
Akash Bhardwaj
2 years ago

This list of 5 sites are considered the very best in the business. I often get inspired with these sites, urging me to place in the work to create my own site the best it can be. I hope that this inspires you also. Here list of blogger who earned money from single work.


Today lots of Professinal blogger earn huge money:- 1.huffpost(10,000+Daily Earning), 2.Mashable.com(9,500+Daily Earning), 3.Engadget.com (9,000+Daily Earning), 4.Techcrunch.com(8,000+Daily Earning) and 5. Smashingmagazine (7,500+Daily Earning).


1.Tim Sykes

Penny stock dealer turned blogger and Instagramer, Tim Skyes takes our #1 spot. The way he makes his cash: He earns most of his cash by selling dvd classes that teach individuals how to market penny stocks and exchange.

What sets him apart from other people: In my experience in online marketing, I guess the majority of his income is produced by his work on social websites (his Instagram has over 1.2 million followers and he’s crazy active on there). It’s estimated that his personal blog earns him around $15-20 million annually, so to be on the safe side, we estimated his income 1 million per month.


2. Melyssa Griffin


Melyssa Griffin is a teacher turned blogger / pro marketer that Lauren and I’ve always looked up to. We even call her”Melyssa” when speaking about her in our house .

How she earns her money: Most of it comes from selling her own classes in Addition to other people’s expensive courses, but she is also now CRUSHING the podcast game with her fresh jam: Pursuit of Goa


3. Chiara Ferragni

Fundamentally, living every woman’s dream, Chiara started a personal blog back in 2009 and leveraged that blog into a huge fashion brand — The Blonde Salad.

I am honestly unsure what sets her fashion apart from others, but I truly love her story. Homegirl began a website which drew in half a million monthly visitors per month. She subsequently leveraged that into a brand generating more than 15 million in yearly revenue.


4.Pat Flynn


Pat Flynn is the crash test dummy of earning passive income on line over at Smart Passive Income.

The way he makes his cash: 40 percent of his earnings comes from affiliate advertising distinct products and services such as ConvertKit, Bluehost, and other high costs classes. The other 50% comes out of selling his own products and courses. 10% comes in several different places.


5.John Lee Dumas


John Lee Dumas and his wife run a podcast which has now done over 1,900 interviews with successful entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, and more.

Just how they make their money: 35 percent of their income comes from affiliate marketing — others courses and products such as Clickfunnels (landing page software). 35 percent comes from selling sponsorships with this podcast. The past 30% comes from promoting his very own electronic products and journals on Amazon.

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