Follow These Top Digital Marketing Trends to Remain on the Top in 2021

Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar
from mumbai
7 months ago

The first year of the new decade is a short distance away and everyone is making plans and strategies to boost the business to new heights of success. There is absolutely no doubt how digital space has changed the working style of the business. 

Now business’s online presence is no more a matter of choice, but a mandatory thing to occupy your share from the market. What’s your digital marketing plan for 2021? 

Today the customer is looking for a service that not only fulfills the service delivery purpose but also offers a unique experience. In the competitive era, one cannot take the risk to avoid the digital marketing platform. 

Marketing is no longer a slave of billboard and print tools as the internet has opened large gates in this globally connected world. Marketing is shifting gears towards laptops, mobiles, tablets. 

Even in the digital marketing platform, there are some channels and ways to grab attention. But here let’s stick to the topic and discuss the Digital Marketing Trends in 2021.

Let’s dive more into what is coming in the year 2021 

Voice Search 

Hey Siri, find the best hotel in Paris? 

Does Siri recognize your brand? Does Alexa speak of you? If no, then let us foretell the future trouble in your settled business paradise. Searchers are now often looking forward to a quick answer for everything. 

Many brands are taking the help of Alexa and SIRI to spread the word about the brand in the boundless geography. Voice technology is the ongoing and upcoming top trend in 2021 also. Don’t believe us, read the following statistics to find out the truth. 

● More than 40% of voice query answer is pulled from snippets 

● Voice SERP loads 52% faster than the web page 

Research says, 20% of searches are through voice only and it is expected to grow up to 50% by 2021 itself. 

At the moment, 45 million people in the United States are already using voice-assisted devices. Furthermore, voice technology provides valuable insights for more personalized messages and content to provide optimized customer experience. 

Here are some of the voice strategies that top brands from all across the world are using to not only run regular stuff but also provide superlative customer experience by using Alexa and Siri: 

1. The main business of Campbell is to serve soup. However, it goes one step further by offering food and recipe details to customers. 

2. The main business of Nestle is to sell coffee. However, now it is even facilitating voice instruction while you cook. 

3. Tide sells detergent however, it also equips the users with tips to remove stains. 

Can you hear that voice? It's the voice of the future. 


Chatbots will be more in action in 2021 

What do you prefer, reading full information or somebody answering your query directly? The majority will go for the latter option. Conversational marketing helps engaging the customer in real-time, resolving the instant query, and enhancing the ultimate experience with the brand. Quick communication and response can help your brand in the ultimate journey of success. Statistics say 57% of customers prefer live chat for the quick response. 

Even further chatbots can be programmed to collect customer data to understand the mindset and needs of the customer. In the coming year, chatbot is ready to gear up for more benefits. 

Why is Chatbot a trendsetter? 

● In action 24*7 

● Analyze data 

● Reduce waiting time 

● Give a quick solution to the problem 


Everything cannot be for everybody. You cannot sell a dog food packet to a non-dog owner. Personalization is the new marketing trend to capture your pool of customers. Quite often, people get frustrated with the content that they don't need at all. To understand it better, let's take an example, you purchase a mobile phone from Amazon website. 

The next time you visit the online store, you get recommendations for headphones and other mobile accessories. All this is done to boost the conversion rate of the website and instill confidence in you about the complimentary Amazon products. This way, they offer you a personalized and unique service to serve your needs in the best possible manner. 


Visual demonstrations always create longer-lasting memories than written words. You can make the best use of it in your digital marketing strategy. What would you rather prefer as an answer to the search query like: “How to make pancakes?” A lengthy content or visual demonstration? 

A majority would prefer video over written content. Even Google shows video content on the top ranking. Video helps to hit the emotional state and thus helps the client to connect more with the brand. Video can prove to be a powerful tool if you post the videos on the social media platform, especially where your potential clients are present. 

Posting the video on the social media platform does more wonders to the conversion rate. 

● 83% business claim that video leads to more conversion rate; 

● 96% buyer think that video helps them to understand the product and service in much details; 

● Video boost organic traffic; 

● 70% of business use online video as a marketing tool 

Content Marketing 

The content was never out of the trend, it's just that its forms have been evolving with the changing time. Now the competition is more fierce with the multiple platforms to showcase your content. Blogging and Social media is playing an equally important role in spreading good words about your brand if the right content and emotion are used. 

An agency like Mad Over Marketing showcases the different brand advertisements based on creativity, good content, and infographics to catch the attention of customers. With witty words and excellent execution, it becomes easy to catch the customer's attention. 

Even the ultra-target content pushes the boundaries of personalized content. Even Google BERT update puts more emphasis on quality and unique content. 

The rise of artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of digital marketing that includes web optimization, target audience, advanced tracking, smart content, interest analysis, personal recommendation, and more. With virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, life is getting easier and faster in many ways. Even some brands offer you a "try on" option on their brand, where you can actually see how the dress will look on you. 

Chatbot adds more experience with humans-like the ability to solve the query. Currently, 22% of marketers are using AI-based applications, and an additional 57% are planning in the next two years. 

AI not only reduces the cost but also reduces human dependency; however, the technology is not used at its full potential. But we are expecting that incoming year; it will be one of the significant conquerors of the market. 

An influencer is a new influence 

In the words of marketing expert Seth Godin, "People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." 

Compared to traditional methods, influencer marketing has shown tremendous growth in brand value and profit. Today, customers want the review of the actual buyer of the product, as they know the review about the product would be unbiased and genuine. The real influencers are the real customers. 

Collaborating with an influencer with the launch of a specific campaign to embrace the brand, is an upcoming trend. Influencer offers the trust of authenticity that the buyer wants to buy. Here small as well as big players can keenly take advantage of the forthcoming trends to increase their ROI. 


Current and upcoming digital marketing trends keeps the business on the top. Digital marketing is at the pace of change with better technology and understanding the customer's 

needs in a much better way. So are you ready to welcome the New Year with all the upcoming strategies and plans?

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