Migrating from Googlepages to what?

My  treks-travel blog is currently in Google Pages. I have been waiting for auto-migration to happen to Google Sites. After waiting for 8 months, I decided to migrate to G-Sites myself. Being non-technical ended up doing this the hard way (i.e. cut-paste). Now mostly that is done except for reformatting and adjusting the layouts exc. I took advantage of this opportunity to link larger pics and better text formatting, layout etc. with Sites.

Now I am having doubt if it was OK to go to Sites or are other their better options? My site is very simple and I don't want or need advanced features, gadgets, widgets, adsense etc. 

If it will help to answer please see my existing GPC Site here: http://kothanda.srinivasan.googlepages.com/

and my new site  (still in wip stage) here:  http://sites.google.com/site/suhanasafaroldstyle/Suhana-Safar

Thanks in Advance,KS



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from Delhi
10 years ago

Why don't you come to Blogger?Laughing



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