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Pooja Doshi
Pooja Doshi
from Mumbai
10 years ago

The title speaks for itself. But for all those who have still not understood, read ahead.

I am starting a chain review, where you have to review the blog above you, and simultaneously submit your blog for a review. The following person reviews your blog and submits his own, so on and so forth.

I felt this would be a good way to expose ourselves to a vast number of blogs. Even if you feel it's a crap idea, you're going to get a review, meaning a little more traffic than usual. So just do it!

Please, be honest with the review, include the writing as well as the technical aspects.

I am submitting mine first, just like that, as there's no one above me.

Enough of explanations. Get set go...!!!!!!

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Reason: my heart flutters to see so many replies.. keep 'em coming!
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from Blacksburg, VA
10 years ago

Hi Manav, 

I read your wordpress blog and I must say I was deeply amazed and touched. You are 15 and I must say some of your writings are quite profound for your age.  Some points to mull for you:

1.  Most of your writings are philosophical and introspective.  You can try to explore another genre. For example, you can try to create a humorous article, just for the sake of experimentation. I am sure your readers will definitely like to read you being humorous

2. Personal posts - I found very few posts about your own life. The one I read was your school farewell. I am sure you lead an interesting life and have something to post about it. 

3.  I loved your share button and I am going to use it on my own blog. But it is way at the bottom. You can definitely put it above other widgets. 

All in all, keep it up. good work!

Manav Dhiman
from Mumbai
10 years ago

Hey thanks for the review! I'll try to put that share button on top. And yeah, about the posts, I will try to write some humorous ones, let's see if I can do it or not! ;)

from Mumbai
10 years ago

Hi Tilottama!

Interesting tongue twister...........oops...........blog name! Is it your real name?

Anyways the review..........

You have some humor there girl! I like it.

Your posts are interesting and I spent time like reading 4 posts back to back.

As I mentioned earlier interesting name. What does it mean btw?

I am following you now!

That brings me to something your blog lacks an archive, how am I supposed to browse through your blog posts?

The About column explains as much about you as the word YOU! I feel its incomplete (doesn't mean you let out your Resume, birth certificate, driving licence, mark sheet etc....Just an idea of the author would be enough.

I like your simple template.

But you could do with some more widgets.

You twitter widget is........well.............seems incomplete.

Your subscription button seems to have visited VLCC a little too often. Its as slim as this exclamation mark! That makes it impossible to know its use and even spot it.

Your meta tab is empty!

Exploit the social networking to boost your traffic and gain more readers. Create a fan page on FB and a dedicated twitter account of your blog, do help a lot to attract traffic.

Overall you blog gives an empty look (just the look)

And please increase the frequency of your post. You do write well then why shy from providing a regular post to your readers?

I guess thats a little too many negatives...........oops!

from New Delhi.
10 years ago

I like your thought, but there is not enough content on the blog.

Simple layout, easy to read blog. Somehow, your thought pervades through videos and pictures.

Perhaps you could proofread better?

from Mumbai
10 years ago



Your content speaks for itself. I think I just made an 'obvious' point  there.

Anyways, basically you content makes up for the lack of a layout of your blog which is nice.

You have just enough widgets to survive on....ummm its nice, although its relative too!

Nice blog name, but i couldn't interpret it. Don't worry.......I am an Idiot, not your fault!

I am against monetizing of "Personal Blogs". Totally my opinion, its your call obviously.

Post reading your blog, I came to know that i am a shallow blogger, your deep thoughts are way over my peanut 'Brainwave'.

To increase traffic I'd recommend Indibloggeer forum is excellent. And also post regularly on Indivine, it boosts our traffic and believe me confidence too. If you are desperate for traffic, try to exploit the social networking sites shamelessly. Once they arrive then to make them come back or stick is all upto your content (which is really good!) 

Your posting frequency is quiet commendable! Nice Job!

Keep up the good stuff. Happy Blogging! Smile

from New Delhi.
10 years ago

Addy, you are very kind!

I opted out of a swirly, fancy template because it slowed my site down. Also, I wanted to keep a picture of that painted bark as my masthead! :)

You think I should add more widgets? Please do suggest some!

Also, the monetising attempt was me fidgeting, while I didn't blog too often. And really, I have started being this frequent only recently. I love it though, blogging is such a pleasure!

My blog URL is an obvious attempt at trying to define my existential reality, while my blog name is Stitches and Stones for a reason that I shall tell you! :D

About increasing traffic, I don't know why but I don't want to be too pushy, you know? I'd rather that people come to my blog as part of a community.

Anyway, thank you! Very kind of you, I repeat. :)



Yagyesh Narayan
Yagyesh Narayan
from Pune
9 years ago


My blog contains short stories , mostly dealing with my perception of life. Hope you like it. Thanks in Anticipation :)

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