IndiBloggers! How Many Superheroes do You Have Within Yourself?

Sourav Ghosh
Sourav Ghosh
from Midnapur
11 years ago

Little did I know, when I had written a post of the same title (Except the 'IndiBloggers!' part) in my blog today, it would drastically change my blogging experience. It all started with a few visits from IndiBloggers, then my close twitter/facebook/orkut friends, and then it touched maximum page visits till date. But I got some response which is much more than page visits. Like

"Thanks @AaronLivingston for introducing me to@souravghosh - made me grin and brought tears! Wow!-THIS positive at 22?" from Tsubee 

So I want to share the  main theme of the post with you all here. 

We all have Superpowers within ourself, like everybody in this universe. Either we haven't yet discovered it or we are afraid to admit it. 

We can be a super parent/super son/super partner/super boss and may be a super blogger! And we can make a difference to  many lives.

I identified my superpowers are 

  1. My Words
  2. My Patience
  3. My Dreams
  4. My Values
  5. My Networking Capabilities

What are yours?

Just imagine a world, where everyone of us are living upto our best potential, and making difference, how wonderful this world would be. That would be a Super World I think. If you think, I dream and imagine too much. Yes! And I believe in my dreams, I will do anything and everything in my life to make this dream  a reality. Question is are you with me?

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Raghu V N
Raghu V N
from Thrissur
10 years ago

I'm a super hero in defining myself!! Nothing personal, just truths!!Wink

from India
10 years ago

Truths n Dare!!!

from Bengaluru
10 years ago

i didn't read the forum..i apologize..but can't we have the truth n dare game here? have seen it in plenty of forums..n orkut communities..should be fun! Tongue out

from Delhi
10 years ago

My super unnn.....hmmmm........ yaaa i can blog and can make people laugh and feel sucked at the same time

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