FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Predictions - Bloggers' Contest

We have started a no-money-involved betting (!!) in our office. It’s pretty simple to join in, and makes watching the World Cup, where India can never play, a lot more fun.

  1. Download the excel file ( The original excel file, containing the FIFA 2010 World Cup schedule and score-tracker, has been downloaded from, and all original advertisements have been retained on the file.
  2. On the Predictions tab, fill out the predicted scores. You must fill out the predicted scores of a game before the game starts
  3. You may publish updated predictions on your blog every Sunday night (after Sunday games), or publish a comment on this post with your predictions (and I’ll keep track of them). I will publish the final points list in a new post.
  4. Predictions you do not fill-up, will be considered as a 0-0 drawn game. You’re lucky if the game really is a 0-0 draw :-)
  5. On the Actuals tab, fill out the actual scores. Your points will get updated on the Points tab
  6. Your total score is valid only at the end of the tournament. The total score field will keep on showing some invalid number till then
  7. Feel free to suggest any changes to the excel file and ways to share it.

I have posted the same thing in my blog:

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Out of 16 responses received thro' emails and IndiBlogger msg, only ONE has picked South Africa to win today :-)

Most people say France-Uruguay will be draw

from Osaka city/Japan
10 years ago

Interesting, keep it up.

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Thanks Guys.

Indibloggers scored better in predicting match results than Yahoo!Sports Soccer Pick'em contest participants (as a whole).

I have posted the scores, and D Ray is leading with 12 points. Uday is second with 9 points. Yahoo!Sports Users have 7 points.

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