Add selection of 'categories' while submitting a new blog.

from Mumbai
10 years ago

While adding a new blog on indiblogger, how would it be if there is a 'categories' section similar to tags.

Tags can be anything, but category can only be selected by drop down list. Tags have their own imp, but categories, can make help in organizing blogs of similar topic in one group.

This can be one parameter for searching blogs same like tags.

Again, while submitting a post to indivine, if indiblogger can suggest that 'this blog' is registered under 'x' & 'y' categories and so the most suitable category and sub-category will be 'x' and 'y'. This will help new bloggers to post their posts in correct sub-categories. This will also help in sorting.

If a page is dedicated for category 'x', then a badge or text link which directly link to page dedicated to category 'x' can be given. People can find blogs of similar topics easily.

What do you think?

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from Osaka city/Japan
10 years ago

Hmm, seems to be a ncie suggestion.

I think it makes sense to give people a default category based on the blog they have registered. If he wants to change for some particular psot, then just change it manually. By default, all his posts go into his blog's defalt category.

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