Does an article posted on IndiVine in wrong category should be shifted?

from Mumbai
10 years ago

If somebody has a very good post on IndiVine, but it is posted in wrong category or sub-category than does it need to be indicated to the moderator of Indiblogger?


This type of mistakes are made by newbie ones who have just posted their first few posts to Indivine.


Should we have a button when pressed activates a dropdown of categories and when the category is selected, , another dropdown of sub-category is selected. All info goes to the moderator

I had 3 posted posted in wrong category.

What is Advaita Vedanta? Can it be applied in today’s Practical Life? - Posted under Social > Crimes Against Women

Different Paths of Self Realisation  - Posted under Social > Crimes Against Women

NAME IS GOD - by Swami Ramdas  - Posted under LifeStyle > Cars & Bikes

I am not worried about IndiRank, but I think that like-minded people should read it. I blog on spirituality and so i never look into another categories.


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