How to add images and screenshots in Indi Forum

from Kerala
10 years ago

It has been observed that people are facing troubles in adding images and
screenshots with their indi Forum posts. Here we don't have options to
upload or add images directly. But using simple HTML tags you can add
images very easily. Here some methods to add images along with your forum

From your Picasa Album

Select the desired image in Picasa album. Click "link to this photo" button
in the right sidebar. Select the appropriate size. Tick "Hide Albbum" link
check box. Copy the code from "Embed Image" field.

Now come back to indiblogger forum editor. Click the "HTML" button.

A popup window will be displayd and paste the code there and update it.

Now you can see your image. Smile

From an image URL

<img src="URL of your Image here">

Check your image URL in browser for confirmation. Replace with appropriate image URL.
Remember not to use extra wide images. If you want to re-size the image, can use the following tag

<img src="URL of your Image here" width="288" height="192">


From image sharing sites

If you don't have Picasa or flicker account and like to display an image. For that upload your image
to a free image sharing site like ImageShack, TinyPic, Photobucket etc. Select the appropriate size and get the HTML code. Place the code as explained above.


Improtant : Not to use extra wide images, it will spoil the Forum

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from Bangalore
10 years ago

That is a wonderful illustration. Thanks for putting it up here :)

Renie Ravin
Renie Ravin
from Chennai
10 years ago

Nice work Sujith, thank you! Smile


thanks a lot. let me try it like that

from Mumbai
10 years ago

Thats a great tutorial! Great work Sujith!

Sujith I saw the picture on the forum editor.  Then what should i do. What is it that is shown under the media upload heading.  do i have to do something there. Thanks.



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