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Akshat Singhal
Akshat Singhal
from Mumbai
8 years ago

i just started off with my new venture - www.theyouthworld.com

which is an exclusive destination destination for the youth to share their views, articles, art work and literature...

Hence i am now in need for more content so if anyone wants his/her work to be their then mail me on publish@theyouthworld.com


The reason to share your work at The Youth World are - 

We will share your work on social networks such as facebook and hence get more people to read/view your work.2.  We will give direct links to your blog/website if you have any and hence you get more traffic on your blog/website.3.  Your work shall be shared on various blogging and website forums to get you more readers/viewers.

For more information visit - http://www.theyouthworld.com/publish-your-work-here.html


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