Your old blogs - lessons learnt?

Sakhi Shah
Sakhi Shah
from Vadodara
11 years ago

Wow. I'm on a topic-creation spree today. Maybe because I havent had much time to come on here since a while. ;) 

So, I was looking through some of my old blogs today (and thinking I was a bit of a fool, and at the same time trying very hard not to laugh) and reflecting on how much I'd changed since then - as both a person and as a blogger. 

So the question I raise to you today is this: Do you ever go back to your old blogs or your first posts? And if you do, do you feel that you've changed? What are the similarities from now and then? What are the differences? 

Personally, my similarities from then and now: 

1) My writing style has remained more or less similar. I still write as much in lists and try to keep things neat and organized. 

2) A lot of the sites I visited then and now (from my favorite sites list) havent changed all that much. 


1) I've become much better at writing. (I hope.) 

2) I've become less self-centered in my writing. 

3) I've become a lot less silly and dont include books I've never read in my 'favorite books' list. (But I was a child then.) 

Some of my old blogs, if anyone is interested: ; ;



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from Mumbai
11 years ago
Everyone changes with time... Even I see my old posts sometimes and there is a world of difference from then to now, it has been a year and I feel I have come a long way!! Earlier I did not give captions to my images, did not give alt to them, did not think too much about the topics etc... Now everything is much more organised, more reader friendly and I feel it is much much better!!

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