Calling all style bloggers !! Let's Google connect with each other

Veena Srinath
Veena Srinath
from Bangalore
8 years ago

Hello all style bloggers!


Let's face it, we are all independent free-thinking bloggers, but who doesn't like to see a nice healthy number of followers displayed on the blog? I know, I do !

Presuming google is the most common internet entity, we all would ahve a google avvount and we would be displaying "google followers" on our blog right ? And also Indiblogger and bloglovin ?

If not, please do so ASAP, at least google friendconnect -

So , what can we do, let's all exchange links here, and twitter handles too and let's follow each other !! Simple.

I will definitely follow you if you follow me, it's a pact.If I don't it means I haven't seen you yet on my blog... remind me and I'll get on the job like there's no tomorrow!

so here goes-

My blog link

My twitter handle!/veena_srinath

Let's get connected!!

Looking forward to an enthusiastic response.Those of you in bangalore, we could meet up at the upcoming Samsung blogger meet!




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