Best Future Prime Minister of India

kumar nirmal prasad
kumar nirmal prasad
from tinsukia
10 years ago

Which of the Following is the Best option for Prime Minister of India?

A. Narendra Damodar Das Modi

B. Rahul Gandhi

C. Anna Hazare

D. Arvind Kejriwal

E. Man Mohan Singh

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Tony John
Tony John
from Kerala
9 years ago

From the above list, Modi seems to be the most powerful candidate to lead the country. But he owe an apology to the nation for his failure during the communal violence in 2002. Even though he has created an image of economical development and growth , I doubt if he will ever become a prime minister of this country without shifting his political face to a "secular leader". He may be able to overcome the internal politics within BJP but I doubt if he can gather the support of the other regional parties, which primarily depend on minority votes. At the same time, if Modi shifts to a more "secular face", he may lose his own vote bank, which will be the biggest challenge in front of him to become the PM, which is exactly what happened to Advaniji.

I would like to see Jayalalitha as the next PM Surprised

I know many people will laugh, but she is secular, very strong personality, have the willpower to get things done, development and progress focused and most importantly, she will not allow other ministers to steal. After all, that is what many ministers have been doing since indepedence. Limiting corruption to a single leader is affordable as long as everything else is remarkable. There is a limit on how much a single person can steal and our country can afford it...  

It is better to have a strong leader than having a weak leader who may not steal but fail to prevent others looting the country.

And finally, the next PM may not be anyone from the above list.

from Mumbai
9 years ago
Because of her Sri Lankan cricketers were barred from participating in the IPL in Chennai. I dont understand why we need to meddle with other some other country's politics. I dont think she is secular. The way she has bossed in this issue just stinks. I never liked people who mixed sports with politics.

Mulayam Tongue out Sing -> PM

Anna ji -> Defence

Mamta Didi -> Trade and Commerce

Jaylalita -> Foreign

Mayabati -> Finance Cool

Hunky @
from Kolkata
9 years ago

ohh.. forgot..

Mr. Sibu Shoren -> Law Ministry

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