One emperor is believed to have demolished a temple to build a mosque there. Another emperor constructs a temple where the mosque stood for a few centuries. What makes this emperor different from that emperor?

Sreedhar Bhattaram


MY RELIGION IS EVER MY DISCIPLINE OF LESSENED... - "Your house may be broader but the entry is ever narrow for others when your mind is not so!"Was the subtle reminder from the Lord as I entered the broad Temple Premises..
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Suman Deb Ray


That old boat - Towering waves, I twirled with grace, Each fierce storm, a fleeting embrace,Sang melody to the gulls, carefree, Flirted along fishes silver and glee.To wind’s might, my sails aligned,Salt and Sun...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Ayodhya’s Rama - Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating the Rs 18,000 crore temple of Rama on 22 Jan 2024. Any patriotic Indian should be filled with nationalist pride. Or, is it religious pride? Cultural...
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