Do you feel that the intermingling between boys and girls should be stopped? We, as children, have always found playing with the opposite sexes much more fun and exciting. Write a post about your feelings about the decision about anti-Romeo squads.

Durga Dash


no romeos please, we are indians - It is not that only celebrity authors like Chetan Bhagat mutiliated beautiful words like girlfriend to make it half girlfriend. India has a glorious tradition of debasing beautiful legends. Romeo...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Romeo and anti-Romeo - Juliet knew it was Romeo.  Who else would enter the balcony of her bedroom on the first floor at this time of the night?  Moreover, there was love in that rap on the window.  It was like the...
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Jyotirmoy Sarkar


Anti Romeo Squad - When our desktop/laptop is attacked by virus what we do?Do we call a software engineer and ask him to find out that virus from the system files and also from other files of other drives…
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Arti Deshpande


Anti-Romeo Squad - A Protective Act or a... - From the time the Modi government came into power, I have been a sceptic, completely sure that this government will not make a difference in people's lives. It will be the same circle of false...
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A NEW AND BETTER TOMORROW. -                                      A NEW AND BETTER TOMORROWMemories of our growing up years are probably the best in our lives. They stay with each and everyone of us, long...
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