It looks very much evident that I am perfect but when the right time comes, I suddenly notice that I am nowhere near to it. Write a post justifying this reality!

Tomichan Matheikal


The Vampire Within - There was a period in my life when I regarded myself as the personification of perfection.  When I grew out of it I realised that the pretension was a subconscious ploy to conceal the painful...
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Am I Perfect? - Am I really PERFECT - I am perfect from tip to toe My mirror is clear without any dew Everything from here is accurate like an icing on the cake No flaw to appear in any of the take But when...
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pranju chakrapani


The pride in arrogance - I am arrogant. And I take great pride in being so.This human life is essentially meaningless. If you think otherwise then do tell me and see how I strip down your meaningful life to a naked death, a...
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Parwati singari


Happy To Be Imperfect. - The question calls for   An old merry soul,   A perfect soul called me,   I call for my pipe, and I call for my tea   And I call for my thoughts come free   This is an empowering ditty and today...
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