Do you use messaging apps like WhatsApp on your phone? Which is your favourite app? Do you welcome the Good Morning/Night messages & forwarded jokes & videos? Share your views/experience.

Durga Prasad Dash


What’s up, Doc - Bugs Bunny’s casual inquiry – ‘What’s up, doc?’ – was not meant to elicit a detailed status update as Bunny himself (or, itself) hardly waited for the answer. But status update is very...
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Good Morning WhatsApp Messages - Being a part of many WhatsApp groups- family, business, events, school, friends etc., I receive many messages daily. Note: If you are a lover of WhatsApp messages that wish Good Morning, then you...
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Tomichan Matheikal


App Trap - Some messages that come on WhatsApp make me cry.  Because I’ll be reading them for the umpteenth time.  Why should my mornings begin with these?WhatsApp is the only messaging app I have on my...
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Parwati singari


The Messenger - Merriam-Webster assures me that I have my understanding of the word message right that is, a communication in writing, speech or by signals. It could also be a messenger’s mission. Like the one...
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Anushree Aggarwal


Whatsapp! 1st task of the day ! - Its a daily morning ritual to scroll through the messages and then delete the images from the gallery!
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Dr. Nidhi Joshi


Whatsapp and more ways to say Good Morning! - WhatsApp is by far, undisputedly the most popular messaging app. And we Indians are addicted to it. There is enough statistics to prove the same. We collectively crashed WhatsApp on the new year eve...
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MaverickMo Photography


First Sunset of 2018 - First Sunset of 2018 from the Jamestown Beach, Virginia
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pranita deshpande


How To  Convert  Negative  Energy Into... - HOW TO  CONVERT  NEGATIVE  ENERGY  INTO POSITIVE? Hello readers wish you very happy, joyful & pleasant new year. Do you know why did I have chosen this topic? Today everyone is alert to keep po…
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