Your past never define your character but the present can tell that what type of person you are... Anyone don't have much time to know about your past they always look at your present situation so stay in present not in past..

Tomichan Matheikal


Bloodstains in the snow - “Words fail me, Clio.  How did you track me down, did I leave bloodstains in the snow?”Whenever someone tells me to leave the past and live in the present, I am reminded of the above-quoted...
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kalaa shree


मेरा आज ही तो है... - #followpresent Indispire post   मेरा आज ही है मेरी असली पहचान. मैं कल क्या थी और कल क्या बनूगी ये...
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Aditya Narayan Mohanty


PRESENT CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE - Don't waste your time by thinking about your past or future only think about your present that can change your future.
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Flaming Past - Jolted past in vicious eventsnow entirely burnt in firefor desire to see novella pathurge to walk plainly without prejudices Source Read more »...
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Maya Varde


Past and present - Can you really separate the two ? This moment, right now , is turning from present to past. This sentence that I am writing now , has been written and pushed into the past…Past is the sum total of...
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