Had there been any instance when, looking back, you've felt that life could've been different? Any event, any memory that you want to alter? Would you agree that life has indeed come a full circle?

Neeraj Kumar


अतीत के पन्नो पे...

probinglife.blogspot.com - अतीत के पन्नो पे, कुछ लफ्ज़ लिखे हैं , कुछ नाम, कुछ लोग, कुछ नक़्श लिखे हैं...
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Allwyn Chellakumar


Ride the waves of life..

allwynanddiana.blogspot.com - Ride the waves of life is an article which explains how to adjust ourself to have a peacefull and worthy Worrying is not going to change anything.. Alternatively adjustment helps to take control of...
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