Education system of India is more focused on bookish knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Still students are judged on basis of their report card. Give ur opinions on this subject

Abhijit Ray


Teach Students to Apply Their Minds... - In India, practical training is imparted mostly as part of college education. Students who choose a professional / job oriented course be it engineering or medicine or any other discipline have to …
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Tomichan Matheikal


Educating the soul - Vartika Goyal suggested the theme wondering whether the present system is encouraging only bookish learning to the detriment of practical skills. At school level, perhaps, the concern is valid...
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Sandip Kumar Talukdar


Travel and Learn - How to prefer to learn?? Mug up books? or try something thrilling and everlasting?
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Mangesh Dhulap


CP Plus Softwares And Tools Download For Online... - Today we will see the top CP Plus softwares and tools Download for Online View CCTV Camera on PC. CP Plus has many DVR and NVR supported software and tools.
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