What is the biggest evil that plagues Indian politics? Corruption or lack of leaders with vision or...?

Tomichan Matheikal


India needs a good leader

matheikal.blogspot.com - The leader makes a world of a difference in any organisation or nation. It is the leader who gives direction to the organisation or nation by formulating policies and strategies. The people go where...
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Abhijit Ray


Inclusion vs. Development : Election Narrative of...

occassionalmusingsblogpost.wordpress.com - General election to choose who will rule from Delhi is on the horizon. By end of May, 2019, results will be out. Prime Minister Modi and his alliance partners will defend their bastion on the plank…
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Arvind Passey


Politics inside a bottomless well

passey.info - The days preceding elections are the ones that are brimming with crisis analysis and hypothetical solutions. Thus every article emerging out of the media boombox is yelling about every issue from...
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