what do you think about this statement - India could soon have more writers than readers: Ruskin Bond

Dr. Rekha Rani


पाठक ज्यादा है या...

rekhasahay.wordpress.com - एक भी पंक्ति या वाक्य के लिखने के लिए हाथ में कलम और मस्तिष्क में विचार होने...
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Tomichan Matheikal


More writers than readers?

matheikal.blogspot.com - I met Ruskin Bond about two decades ago in a luxury hotel of ITC in Mumbai. He was the chief guest of a prize distribution function organised by ITC and one of my students was a winner whom I...
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Abhijit Ray


Reading And Writing Are Not Mutually Exclusive...

occassionalmusingsblogpost.wordpress.com -   This week Indispire asks if India will have more writers than readers in near future? There is no doubt that many people have picked up a pen and / or have started punching keypad of their c…
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Durga Dash


The age of content overload

durgadash.com - This post is in response to not only indspire #273 prompt but also the blog posts written by fellow indibloggers on the topic suggested by Dr. Rekha Rani.
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Suman Deb Ray


Go reclaim your readers says Ruski

sumandebray.blogspot.com - Ruskin Bond said in an interview, “India could soon be facing a predicament of having more writers than readers”.The use of “Predicament” tells us the Padma Bhushan awardee foresees a...
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Arvind Passey


Readers, killers, and the extended queue of...

passey.info - Killers in a post on books, authors, and readers... intrigued? Read the post to solve this mystery.
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