Mahatma Gandhi comes in your dream and asks you to take him around? Which places would you take? What would be his reaction to the 2019 India & your explanation? Write your imaginary conversation with MG.

Durga Dash


munna bhai sadak chhap - My take on the Indispire prompt #GandhiReturns
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Tomichan Matheikal


Gandhi in Ayodhya - It is sheer coincidence that three Muslims are being beaten up at Seoni in Madhya Pradesh when I run into Gandhi on the bank of the Sarayu at no other place than Ayodhya, the birthplace of Gandhi’s...
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Abhijit Ray


My Encounter With Baapu #GandhiReturns - This week, Indispire prompt asks us to describe an interaction with Baapu Gandhi, if we happened to meet him. The following is my story. I could only open my mouth in my dream. In real life, I woul…
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GANDHI - The prompt on the Indiblogger site by Durgaprasad Dash, the reading of the riveting fictional piece The Madhigattan Encounter and yours own truly
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Arvind Passey


The day I met Gandhi - Gandhi was wearing Brunello Cucinelli slip-ons and seeing me look so surprised, Gandhi said, ‘My first love were the red Sorrento sneakers from Dolce & Gabbana but Jinnah reached them first at the...
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