When was the last time you wrote with an ink pen? Do you still use one? Do you yearn for one? Write about ink pens.

Shri Krishna Sharma


There was a time, when I used Ink Pen!

samaysakshi.in - Yes there was a time, when in India we used coins called Athanni (half rupee), Chavanni (quarter rupee) or say four Aannas, 2 Paisa coin and round one paisa coin of brass with a round hole also in...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Pen and Evolution

matheikal.blogspot.com - The fountain pen became history for me long ago. It’s more correct to say that it has become prehistoric since I can’t even recall when I abandoned it and adopted the handy ballpoint pen. The...
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kalaa shree


Fountan Pen aur Uski Yaaden, Nahi bhulengi…

sabhindime.com - Ik arsa hua, kagaj-kalam liye haath me, Vishram lagaya jaise barson baad me, Yaad aa raha aaj ,mujhe fountain pen, Wo waterman ki bottle, royal… The post Fountan Pen aur Uski Yaaden, Nahi...
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Abhijit Ray


Fountain Pen Is A Status Symbol! #inkpen

occassionalmusingsblogpost.wordpress.com - This week Indiblogger writing topic is about ink pens. I do not own an ink pen. I don’t yearn for a fountain pen. I think, many people in my social circle do not own a fountain pen, anymore. I...
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Parwati singari


For the Ink Pen! the Samurai Way

plinkyprompt.wordpress.com - “I prefer the pen. There is something elemental about the glide and flow of nib and ink on paper.” ― James Robertson, The Testament of Gideon Mack...
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Arvind Passey


I still love my Parker Frontier

passey.info - Many have forgotten the fountain pen but not me. I still use my Parker Frontier that I bought in 1995 from York, UK
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Ellora Mohanty


The Ink Pen!!!

livelife2dfullest.blogspot.com - Do you remember that ink pen of yours?! Today suddenly when I looked at my kindle backdrop of a picture of nibs I got reminded of my v...
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