Time to revisit nationalism, patriotism, chauvinism, and anti-nationalism in the garb of freedom of speech.

Durga Dash


understanding nationalism

durgadash.com - Yuval Noah Harai, in his book 21 lessons for the 21st Century, gives a beautiful perspective on Nationalism. He says that the nation is basically a story we tell ourselves. No doubt every nation has...
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Abhijit Ray


Nationalist vs. Antinational : A Balance Needed...

occassionalmusingsblogpost.wordpress.com - A fierce battle is on in India between nationalists and liberals since 2014 ever since BJP lead NDA came to power in 2014. Initially thought to be a passing phase in Indian social and political sce…
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Tomichan Matheikal


I am not a nationalist

matheikal.blogspot.com - I am not a nationalist. That does not make me antinational. Rather, it makes me more human; it makes me a person who is open to other cultures and languages, religions and lifestyles. I often imagine...
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Vartika goyal


Shun the Pseudo Liberalism

vartikaforu.wordpress.com - These days our Indian society (specially Indians on social media) can be divided into 3 groups 1. Liberals – Basic definition of a liberal is a open minded person who supports democracy,...
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Arvind Passey


Freedom to disagree isn’t dead in India

passey.info - Nationalism is about faith and belief in the fact that its leaders will guide the policies in ways that will enrich the lives of people. Nationalism doesn’t need any patriotic fervor to prop it.
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