How reliable are reviews? You may consider films, books, gadgets, lifestyle, fashion or any other genre...

Durga Dash


To buy or not to buy - The fare comes to Rs. 492. I hand over a five hundred rupee note. While searching diligently for the change to return, the Ola driver smiles sheepishly and says, ‘Sir, five star please’.. Let me...
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Vipashyanaa- Am I Right? - Several things come to my mind while thinking over the #IndiSpire prompt this time. I would just randomly share the memories, incidents that come to my mind!     I remember lines of a Hindi poem...
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Tomichan Matheikal


The Art of Reviewing - I rely heavily on reviews before buying certain things especially books. I also make sure that the reviewer is credible enough. Popular newspapers and other publications usually provide reliable...
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Abhijit Ray


A Review Can Be Subjective #Reviews -   In this day and age of cut throat competition it is difficult to understand if a review is a genuine criticism of the content / product being reviewed. At the same time, the person whose wor…
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Arvind Passey


Reviews are not for the creator - I consider God to be the master creator. He is a writer, poet, illustrator, caricaturist, doodler, inventor, explorer, scientist, and someone who is forever pushing in surprising products. Like, for...
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HOW DO REVIEWS HELP? -                          Shopping is the most enjoyable and loving activity. They use those products or not, the urge to buy things on the go is a practice followed by many. They may be...
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