Are hefty traffic violation fines justifiable?

Tomichan Matheikal


Taxes and Rules - “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him,” said Robert A. Heinlein. All governments have taxed their...
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Paying fine in money or with Life! - Again discussing on an # IndiSpire prompt. The issue is whether the fines recently made applicable by the Indian government for traffic violations are justifiable or not!     The very first thing...
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Abhijit Ray


Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act : Taming the Indian... - Challenging Indian Roads : Driving on Indian roads can be challenging. Not many drivers care to follow traffic discipline. Lane driving is an alien concept and jumping traffic signal is a norm. Juv…
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Allwyn Chellakumar


Are you ready for hefty traffic fine.. - It’s a great pleasure to write a blog for a social cause.. Recently government of India increased the traffic fines by almost 10x times hoping that the hefty traffic fines would force public to...
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