Its the month of gratitude. Share three things you are grateful for.

Tomichan Matheikal


Gratitude - I didn’t want to be born. By the time I grew up old enough to accept the terrifying and inevitable absurdity of life, I had longed for death too many times. Now I’m old enough to know that...
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Life- a celebration of gratitude. - I remember a description of a character from a novel by late Mohan Rakesh Ji. He wrote about the convent school where the hero of the novel studied and he remembers the character – a priest in the...
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Abhijit Ray


Count Your Blessings #GratitudeMonth - This week Indispire asks us to share three things that I should be grateful for in my life. In this day and age, society admires men and women with material wealth. Doors open and paths are cleared…
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