What you have learned from life so far?

Shri Krishna Sharma


Life lessons!

samaysakshi.in - Life- we all live it, with many hopes, we set several targets and are always trying to achieve them. Some people call it a journey, to many destinations which we might fix for ourselves from to time,...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Belong somewhere

matheikal.blogspot.com - What makes Narendra Modi a hero is that he belongs, or claims to belong, to a particular culture or religion or history that a lot of other people too belong to or claim to belong to. People in...
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kalaa shree


"जिंदगी एक बहती...

wikiheart4u.wordpress.com - जिंदगी एक दरिया है और हम सबको इसे पार करना है, चाहे हंस  कर या रोकर, तो दोस्तों...
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