How can you evolve yourself into a person with a well balanced and stable mind and heart.

Sreedhar Bhattaram


THE NO1 SUPERIOR ACTION.. THAT VERY MUCH HELPS!... - An old post edited, modified and presented here without touching the core message embedded in there for the benefit of many of my Readers..
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Tomichan Matheikal


Balanced mind and heart - The heart has always ruled the human world. Otherwise religions would not have survived so long. Religions and their gods are some of the most powerful and widely used entities for taming the human...
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Chetan Maheshwari


5 Steps to evolve as a person - Why do you need it?Everybody at some point in their life goes deep down into that ditch of troubles and problems. The ditch is so deeper that you lose contact with your friends and relatives. You...
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Parwati singari


Do we really need a stable -balanced mind? - stable is where domestic animals are sheltered, dwell , something is firmly established, not readily altering in chemical make up of physical state. Resisting forces tending to cause motion or change...
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