Are/Aren't we condoning mediocrity by celebrating it? There’s nothing wrong in being average unless we remain content with the status quo and refuse to try getting better! And it gets worse when mediocrity eclipses meritocracy. Do you agree?

Amit Pattnaik


Why Settle For Mediocrity? - Believe it or not, mediocrity is the new normal nowadays. Be it books, movies, music, television, business, public administration and governance or politics, mediocrity rules. Isn't it a tragedy...
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Tomichan Matheikal


The delights of mediocrity - I worked as a lecturer in English at an undergrad college in Shillong for a few years. Now the post is known by some bombastic appellation, I know. Professors are supposed to do a lot of things other...
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Mediocrity versus Merit! - Today I am talking about common people, yes- the people who form the majority anywhere and they bring all the changes in the world. It is said that these are middle class, but I would say these are...
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Parwati singari