Clinging to history and its supposed greatness is as foolish as maintaining that your bum has calluses because your great grandfather rode on an elephant. Real greatness lies in dealing successfully with the present. India should let the past go.

Sreedhar Bhattaram


AT ANYTIME, LET NOT THE PAST BE BROODING AND THE... - For me forever, Past should be the experience, future, the planning and present, the living.. The problem comes up when I brood over my past...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Let go the past - Living in the past is a psychological disease. Psychology has identified clear signs of the disease. If a person tends to speak about his past too much, about certain people who caused him pain in...
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Shri Krishna Sharma


Greatness of History or culture! - A question has been raised, rather a suggestion has been given that Indians should not feel proud of their history and let their past go! Yes, I personally feel that there is nothing great in our...
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