Is life as simple and promising as our motivational and self-help books think?

Shri Krishna Sharma


Faith, Belief and Motivation! - We humans are one of the millions of species that exist in the universe. We keep thinking about our life, aims and how to achieve our goals, how to succeed in life. Do we ever think whether other...
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Tomichan Matheikal


Flowers in the cemeteries - "I am the best." This was the slogan of one of my colleagues in Delhi. She taught this slogan to every student of hers with an indomitable spirit. Her students (who were my students too)...
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Parwati singari


A simple promise of self help. - 3pm last lap at my office, Thursday afternoon it is time for caffeine and musing. Tomichan as usual has fodder for the “Grey-Mater” is life simple and promising as the self help book say…As...
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