The best thing that happened to you in the post-truth world.

Sreedhar Bhattaram


THE UNIQUE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF POST-TRUTH... - The smart man, the innocent man and the intelligent man moved together into a wild jungle.. "The bird is hovering over!" Said the smart man..
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Tomichan Matheikal


Truth, Post-truth and Poetry - 'Best of post-truth’ is an oxymoron. Post-truth isn’t good in the first place. So how do you get ‘best’? Post-truth refers to a system (socio-political, usually) in which objective facts...
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vivek joshi


Freelance Work: Website Design - Hi All,I need a website that needs to be deployed on linux environment. The theme of the website would be freelancing.I require a very basic site that has options which a common freelancer site has....
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