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Jifi is here!

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Sonali Brahma


Meet Ms. Jifi Kotak. She will work wonders with... - Ms. Jifi Kotak is a relatively new entrant in the world of banking. She is a young entrant here but extremely quick on the uptake and knows her way around like nobody does. She is...
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Saranya Baskaran


The new era of banking - why internet banking ? to know more, read on!
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Oindrila De


Laugh all the Way to the Bank! - My analysis of the entire "package" that the world's first socially powered bank is offering us. Let me know if you have a different perspective!
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Harshini Raji


Banking and Social Media! JIFI is here! - A small write up on the glories of JIFI. Loved the concept. Will definitely witness it grow!
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Micky Fernandez


An Expat's Guide to Banking in India - Constructive criticism of Kotak Mahindra's Jifi account and of banking in India (as well as the United States).
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Snighda Gharami


Jiff-Jifff-Jiffy - i know nothing on banking, i need someone to honestly guide me in this field without diverting me from my facebook seriousness ;)
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jifi is here - Thanks to jifi, No matter where you are, no matter the time - access, transact and get updates
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Mahendra Chhimwal


Best Android phone under 15000 with dual sim and... - Best Android phones under 15000 with dual sim and and best camera.Here in the list of best Android phones under 15000, only those phones are selected which are dual sim and have...
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