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Jifi is here!

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Jaideep Khanduja


My Journey Through The New and Innovative Social... - Years back a normal bank account holder in one of the banks was not very happy with the way bank accounts were being managed and handled. He did not find any value in going to...
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Shubham Singh


Socially Enabled Bank Account- An uber experience - An account for socially active people.. Works with and without clicks, likes and shares also.
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Vibhu Singhal


Jifi - The Social banking - This Post is about Kotak Jifi Social Banking introduced by Kotak Mahindra Bank.
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IN A JIFFY. - KOTAK MAHINDRA'S JIFI - The world's first socially powered bank account.
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An Idea whose time has come! - Despite her youthful vigor, India is bursting at the seams and Social Banking powered by Kotak Mahindra jifi could just be what the doctor ordered! Bringing home this point by an...
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Narender Singh


Kotak Jifi Makes Banking a Fun, Rewarding and... - Kotak Mahindra bank has come out with the world's first banking service which is socially powered. What it means is that you can not only check your account balances and make...
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