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Jifi is here!

Harsh Snehanshu


New Age Banking is Here: It's Time for Jifi - An elaborate step-by-step introduction to Kotak's pathbreaking product Jifi and all its fascinating features.
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Bonagiri Ravi Shankar


Laughter may be the best medicine for age-related... - The developments in Human Medical Science and Research in Treatment, Diagnosis, Prevention, Cure and awareness in ADHD, Alcohol and Drugs, Alzheimer disease, Dementia, Depression...
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Ashwini Kumar


Banking and social media - I mean it is the best example one can come across when it comes to leveraging the benefits of information and communication technology. After all, the end objective of any...
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Anuradha Goyal


Social Banking - Whats in it for us? - Having specialized banking accounts for social media users is first step, we need to see how the next step would change the way we have been doing banking.
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Mahesh Sowani


Yash finds solution in jifi - I tell my younger cousin how to bank while having all the fun.
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Jifi in a jiffy - Banking is has got a new social face courtesy Kotak Mahindra. Read on! to know more about the features..
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Renuka Vishwanathan


FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD BANKING ACCOUNT! - Bring back friends into your banking life! Open a Kotak Mahindra Bank jifi account and join the social banking revolution. Banking no longer need be a lonely affair and in...
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Vinayak Pattar


Loose Change and CDM - The Post describes my personnel experience on ATM CDM and how it helped me to get Loose change for 1000 rupees.
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