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Jifi is here!

Gitanjali Banerjee


Like and Comment on Facebook to Earn - I am 33, mother of a hyper active young boy, a budding entrepreneur, a social media addict and the icing on the cake is a fauji’s wife. If you can relate with me and know how...
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yamini saha


Kotak JIFI - A Bloggers Way to Bank - When once a hobby started taking shape into a full time profession I decided to keep the finances related to writing in order. Luckily I found out about Kotak JIFI an amazing...
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Kotak Jifi New age Banking - Gives description of new type of banking called jifi by kotak
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harsh agarwal


Boring banking turning into something fun! - Banking has always been boring. Even when it evolved to online banking and the banks shrinked to our cell phones, i couldn't develop any affinity towards it. But I guess with...
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Sarath Babu S


JifiIsHere - This is a blog about Kotak JiFi - a power packed Social Media backed account.
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tinku shaji


My Budget - I am no more worried about my monthly budget
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#JifiIsHere - A review of KOTAK JIFI and its wonderful experience , tried to describe the vast pool of features in very few words .
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Vijay Prabhu


Kotak Jifi, a new zero balance account for the... - To open a Kotak Jifi account you need to have a Facebook account. Why Facebook, you will ask, well the Kotak Jifi is pioneering to be the world first socially powered bank...
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