Del Monte: Blog your way to Italy



Not just pasta, a little bit of Italy :) - For me, food is an integral part of the place, its people and its culture. Any civilization evolves slowly with things borrowed and dropped, remembered and forgotten, added and...
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Pasta Indiana - I tried to make a completely different pasta which I named, 'Pasta Indiana'. It sure was fun and I loved the taste too.
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Anushree Ganguly (Anu)


My bite size of Italy with Del Monte - Here I am with the lovely opportunity to blog my way to Italy :) Hope you enjoy the Murano Inspiration with Anu's Fiery Spaghetti
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Vaishnavie K


Fun with Farfalle - A simple and fun recipe to do. Fun with farfalle recipe is a Pasta recipe with Chicken and mint, seasoned with Thyme and Oregano and of course cheese!
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Indo-Italian Pasta - My first journey of cooking a Italian dish in Indian style
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SS Kuruganti


Primavera Spirali - Easy spirali pasta primavera in a creamy white sauce with fresh spring vegetables.
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The Tin Trunk


Del Monte Spirali spin - Spirali spin magical pasta from Del Monte and local Indian vegetables in Italian style.
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