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Shiuli Deb from Bangalore

A Leo's Tale
Shiuli Deb, Bangalore

soumyaa verma from Vadodara

Shall we call it a tale?
Soumyaa Verma, Vadodara

Pan from Trivandrum

A Vagabond Tale
Pan, Trivandrum

Monika Bakshi Singh from Hyderabad

A Tale of Two and a Half
Monika Bakshi Singh, Hyderabad

Showa from Bangalore

Salary Man Tale
Showa, Bangalore

Richa from Amritsar

Mocking a Tale
Richa, Amritsar

Idi9 from Chennai

A tale of success
Idi9, Chennai

Sabina Thakur from New Delhi

Sabina Thakur, New Delhi

avni vij from new delhi

Tell Tale
Avni Vij, New Delhi