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Anshul Kumar from PATNA

Unorganized Chaos
Anshul Kumar, PATNA

Bayon Jose from Thrissur

Tech Announcer
Bayon Jose, Thrissur

Leo from Bengaluru

A Bookworm's Musing
Leo, Bengaluru

ILMANA FASIH from Mississauga, Canada

Blind to Bounds
Ilmana Fasih, Mississauga, Canada

PiyushGoel from GrNoida

Piyushgoel, GrNoida

Ashok Vaishnav from Ahmedabad

The world is too small? or Is it?
Ashok Vaishnav, Ahmedabad

Srishti Rajeev from Mysore

Questy Musings
Srishti Rajeev, Mysore