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Tomz from Cochin

Little Lyrics
Tomz, Cochin

Indira Mohan from Hyderabad

memory lane
Indira Mohan, Hyderabad

Shibani from New York

a rainy monsoon memory
Shibani, New York

Saleel M M from Wayanad

Memory Lanes
Saleel M M, Wayanad

Viraj Borkar from New York

Romance On The Plate
Viraj Borkar, New York

Saurabh Araiyer from Ranchi

a page in my virtual memory ....
Saurabh Araiyer, Ranchi

Garvit Chawla from New Delhi

Snaps of Memory....
Garvit Chawla, New Delhi

Subhash Jaiswar from mumbai

Subhash Jaiswar, Mumbai

Mohamed Rifay from Chennai

Untold Words
Mohamed Rifay, Chennai

BAJPAI from Mumbai

Autobiographical :For “We the people”
Bajpai, Mumbai

Abhishek Kumar Patel from Bangalore

My Childhood Memory!