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Suresh from Bangalore

Mind Printz
Suresh, Bangalore

Srijan Sehgal from noida

enlighted mind
Srijan Sehgal, Noida

Anubha from Bombay

Odyssey Of The Mind
Anubha, Bombay

Juhi from Ahmedabad

Stary Eyed And Screeming
Juhi, Ahmedabad

K.Mathur from Auckland, NZ now but born and brought up in Mumbai

Never Mind Yaar
K.mathur, Auckland, NZ Now But Born And Brought Up In Mumbai

Mythri  from Boston

Mosey mind
Mythri , Boston

Narayan from Bangalore

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Narayan, Bangalore

Sathish from Chennai

Sathish, Chennai